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About Heart of New Mexico Fiber and Art Gathering

Heart of New Mexico Fiber and Art Gathering is a bi-annual vendor event that raises money for WildLife West Park. It is a two-day event held outdoors and is family oriented. We showcase classes, live demonstrations of various techniques, music, food, art, and natural fiber. Our event is celebrating its 11th year of bringing together passionate people who share the same love for fiber and art. We are always looking for sponsors and volunteers to join our team and make the event even better.

Classes and Demonstrations

Our event offers a variety of classes and live demonstrations of various techniques. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from experienced artists and artisans.

Family Friendly

Our event is family oriented and we welcome everyone to come and enjoy the weekend with us. We have activities and events for all ages.

Music and Food

In addition to classes and demonstrations, we also provide live music and delicious food. We believe that good food and great music can enhance the overall experience of the event.

Supporting WildLife West Park

We are proud to support WildLife West Park, a non-profit organization that provides a home for rescued wildlife and offers educational programs to the public. A portion of the proceeds from our event goes towards supporting their cause.

Art and Natural Fiber

Heart of New Mexico Fiber and Art Gathering is all about celebrating art and natural fiber. We bring together artists, artisans, and vendors who share the same passion and love for art and natural fiber.

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