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Competition Information

Show off your hand made items at THE HEART OF NEW MEXICO FIBER AND ART GATHERING and can receive feedback on your creations

You can also email us at:


Rose Vigil


Courtney Stimson


Joy Getha

Fleece Category
Have your fleece judged by an expert.  There are categories for wool, alpaca, mohair, rabbit, and more.
Garment Category
Our garment category covers a wide variety of mediums.  Anything that can be worn can be entered, from hats to purses, to coats, and more.
We have competitions for a variety of categories in classes from novice to expert.  There is a small fee to enter your item for judging, but just think of the bragging rights you will gain.
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Home Category
Our home category covers things you find in your home.  Any medium is eligible, from pictures on the wall, to rugs on the floor.  The item(s) must be hand made by the person entering them into the competition.
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Handspun Yarn Category
Any and all handspun yarn is eligible for entry into this category.  Be it spindle or spinning wheel you can enter this competition.
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